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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

merry happy christmas!

ting tong ting tong.......... the chiristmas bells rings and of course bring delight to everyone, from 1 to 92. opening gift of course something that been anticipated for everyone. i mean, how can u NOT like gifts?!

well, this years gift was suprising. even some i've already knew, but den again the trill of opening the wrapper and wondering whats inside, get me all excited. and also the joy from seeing others opening up their present, expecially if its from u.

after opening up all the gifts.. its bed time as church will be at 8am and we need to get up early to get there as it was easily full.

FGA, jalan kelang lama was the place and i can see there lots of upgrades happening, the chair are so similar to the one at the cinema.anyways this year's show was not as good as last year, because its from the young adult. boring ppl do some choir. unlike the year before with the youth church or the children's that was fun. anyways, during my annual visit of course there are prayers and for the blessing for the year.

after taking a short meal, we headed of to Victoria station to pick up the Turkey and went to Botanic Garden to give the Turkey to Uncle Chan's family. we had roasted duck for lunch.den my dad got call for one of his millions cousin. so we went to USj 11 to see them. all this relative here can be really intimidated when i meet them. its not like they are angry people, just most of them are successful.

and i also met "mr. romantic" i mean i heard of this uncle before but never actually met him. well his story was, when his wife passed away, he went and visit his wife grave EVERYDAY, without fail, there he bring flowers and spend some time with his wife. yes stories that can break and touched your heart huh?

wen back home, ashley honey come over. after saturday night shopped for her gift with my mom and sister and with all those wool at MNG entering my nose which cause the flu am having till today, finall its in the wrapper. and this time, yes i can c her hand all shaking opening the gift. so its all good, she having good time opening the gift and i having a good time laughing my butt off :D

my cousin and his gf came after that, and they come with gifts too.. really really really last minuete shop as they come straight from 1u den to my place. but was nice of them. we end up having Hokkien Mee at damansara utama, since my dad is forever loving that mee.

well, christmas have been wonderful this year. and the build up to christmas too was great. and it all started when ashley come back to start thing off to the end with the hokkien mee at DU. from start to finish, i had a great time. yes it would be great if the party that was planned was ON, but den again, there is DEna's party to make it up for. and like the saying goes, u cant have everything in this world, yes i cant, i mean there area some friends that i like to see like amar, raja or dharmik to share this festive season and some family like my cousin michelle, but of course with the regular fixture with my family and ashley, its been a wonderful christmas and not forgetting friends too. so a happy new year everyone and wishin you all a prosperous new year ahead. God Bless

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