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Sunday, December 23, 2007

am back- road home

as promised i'll be home for x'mas. the road home wasn't easy as i have to carry my lauggage plus my heavy cpu, as a cicak gladly make my power supply its own home, thus making is explode. * kaboom!* amyways, the road home was made easier by vi ling, as vi ling dropped me at the kajang comuter station. off i take the comuter to the mid valley station.

den *boom!* the christmas mood struck me. all the load i've carry don't seem to feel like a burden no more. hehehehhehe. after droppiong off the cpu at the computer shop, i went to take my long awaited gift that i've ordered a few month back.can see the relieve from the sale people that i finally take that gift and paid the other half of the ammout. with the anticipation of seeing the one and only sweetheart of mine, i quickly jump into the cab to her house, with all smelly-ness and sweaty-ness and all. had such a comfortable time. and even if i need to walk back with those heavy bags, but i have a HUGE smile on my face.

as i returned home, i doze off at the couch, those nice and comfortable couch that i miss very much till my mom get home. i asked my sister to go to mid valley with me to collect my computer and at the same time can try out her new car. the car is alright, but the unfair part is she got her plate number according to her b'day, without my mom's knowledge and dad played some vital role.

as i opened the house door with my cpu, i was greeted with all those small kids that is from Times Square theme park. my house was like a kindgerten!

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