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Sunday, December 23, 2007

open letter

dear you,

yes, i hardly know you. but u seem nice and friendly.but i guess u finally showed your true cour huh? even if he is not my best friend, he is still my friend, and what u have done to him is not very nice, in fact its a demostrate what a bitch you can be. yes you might score good grades and probably in one of the top uni in the world and at central of London town. you have it all, and on the other hand, your guy here working his ass off, putting off his education for half a year just so he could afford to see you, and yet you cheated on him with some white trash that u met at a club for just a few weeks? i'll say fuck you. a cheap slut like you should get gang raped by those drunked white trash at all those clubs that you love to go so much, in fact you r FAT, like u have 10 kg of Turkey up your ass. so fuck you, you cheap slut. your grades cetainly don't show what kind of person you really are, shallow and just plain cheap, why don you just take a tube to Soho and just offer your service. thank you very much.

p/s : and those who feel Malaysia is a rat hole and if you'll don feel safe here, think again. think how you all can afford to go abraod. its because your parents make the money HERE in Malaysia, if its wasn't for Malaysia, God knows where you will be. so be gretful in this "humid" weather, that you all been in for most of your life.

thank you, and merry x'mas may your soul burn in hell

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