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Monday, December 3, 2007

last weekend of an 18, today, am 19

so another year have passed on by.it seems like a blink of an eye now.year and year goes on by, and i always wonder and ponder what i have acheive during the pass year. gone were the good old schooling days, heck i miss it like crazy whenever i think of it. friends have come and go, and some have move on, those that are gone being replaced by new faces, but those who are still around, will remaind around, as time was never a an obstcle to hold a friendship

from the past i remembered, during form 4, as i went to times square with andre,amar and his friends to participate on a streetball challenge. and during the form 5, i got dump in the mud after playing football in the morning at the bangsar sports complex with dharmik and friends.well, that was the first time ever they got me, as my birthday normally during the hols. the traditional birthday boy wacking.

last year i remembered celebrating my b'day 2 days earlier on the 2nd, at an ex place. with my friends. so that was when am 18.with just a blink, am 19 today.the things that change is...people around me,i finally got the 1 that captured my heart for about 5 years.and have one of the wonderful gift for valentine. my best frens of 9 years clearly have some issues with me. my year started great as i got an invitation to go for a test for my dream job as a airline pilot. although its still a mystery if i throw away the test as i don't wanna miss the goodtime for the propose stay in Sri Kembangan, or i just go there unprepare. although, the move to sri kembangan collapse due to multiple reasons, i still wave goodbye to melaka and make it into the cyber campus.having hated to stay on in MMU, as i don feel its the place for me, i guess am adapting slowly to the fact that i am in too deep to change anyting.

well, last weekend was like a trip back. a walk down memory lane. i went to a trip to the east cost, as one of my cousin getting married.its the 3rd time this year alone that i take the trip to kuatan/ terengganu. and i even visited the same fishing village that i visited during the chinese new year hols, and pass on Beserah, where i have a great holiday there during my August break. there lots of places i been to also this year. other than the east coast, i get a taste of my first long long hauled flight to europe. Italy and Austria to be specific. the once might Rome, full of its architecture,Florence, with its great leather goods, Sienna, with the great country side, Pisa with the wonderful leaning tower and the romatic city of Venice, sums up my italian trip. then furhter up north to Austria, with the world renown Swarovski crystal in Innsbrug, where i went on one of the world famous highway the Autobahn, and visit the lil town of mozart in salzbrug and the grand city of maria theresa, in Vienna. well, that trip is one of those trip that deserve to be in the top shelve as one of those moment that i wont forget.

the trip to terengganu last weekend sure remind me of what it was last time. where there are family friends everywhere at the east coast. we stopped at kemaman to see one of my mom's friend. the husband and wife couple have moved away since i was 2 years old, and yet she get my name right with her first try.its amazing when people know you, even when its been ages since u saw them, or you don even remember seeing their face. i had one of the sweetest sambal for my nasi lemak. this trip remind me Anthony Bourdain, where he often try out street food during his trip, so was i when i went to the market.its like a food heaven where u wan to taste everything there as you are so curious by just looking at the food. as we arrive in terengganu, we met up with my uncle and his family. we stayed nearby the tunku mizan golf and country resort. it is around 4-8 km from Pulau Duyong, where the Moonsoon cup was held.upon arrival, we decided to eat at the stall nearby where they serve lots of local food, like variety of kuih, nasi dagang, which is the signature trandmark of terengganu, and of coz, the fish sausage, or keropok lekor. yes, tony Bourdain was right, everything is good when its deep fried, and there is some deeping. the keropok is DAMN addictive.

my mom and aunt decided to pay my cousin who is getting married a visit as her house was nearby. for me, i decided to join my dad and uncle to watch the Hk badminton open finals between our national hero, lee chong wei and world number 1, lin dan. although the first set seeing lin dan being out of his character making school boy error, but at the middle of the second set,i fall asleep, i think its because of overdose of keropok.

the night was the time for the wedding. my parents decided to stop at the secret receipe to order a cake. they was saying its for my b'day. although i try to insist thats its OK, but they go ahead anyways.as we arrive at the restaurant, saw my cousin. i think i can say its the first time i saw her in skirt. or a dress. she look totally different, and the first question she asked me was" what the hell u do with ur hair?! go cut!" so there the picture taking and we off to dinner.with the typical chinese dinner. although the stuffed crab did caught my eye. heheheheh. and then, my old man decided to go on the stage and take the mic, to represent my cousin's side, the wowan side. the song was "will u still love me tomorrow?" although it was emberessing, i guess no choice but to scream and support him. and then, my aunt sang a hokkien song i think. lost the voice screaming, and there's the "yam seng" session. i had plain water instead of alcohol. so its all good.

when the night was about to over, stopped by secret receipe to get my cake. sadly, they don't have chocolate indulgence, but they bought classic cheese i think.it was not that bad. quite tasty too. its emberessing to have your lil cousin's and uncle and aunty to sing "happy b'day" for u.and this time, its in 2 language. english and mandrin. you see, am normally a family kinda person. everytime b'day dinner or celberation is with family not my extended family. unlike my sis who always want to celebrate with her frens. anyways, all i can say is, its a nice change and having b'day when family member around, its kinda economically PROFITABLE.

the next day was the tea ceremony. while waiting for the groom to come,there lots of convo and jokes about asking my cousin and bro to choose one of the bride's entourage.as they are all girls. when the groom arrive, they played some game as a hurdle. but i can say that they let him in TOO easily.as all the tea ceremony done, we went to the guy's side, with all the honking.we pack our stuff and head back to KL after that.

on the way i say, Kertih. they should rename the place to Petronas or something. as the whole town is circle around Petronas. from the school and also the quaters. the place is HUGE!! as we stopped middle of the road, for more fish sausage (keropok lekor) the thing is so yummy, i think bought almost rm 10 and i think i eat most of it. and if am not mistaken, its 5 for rm 1. plus its full of fishes goodness. and on way back, we also did stop at cherating, where we visited during the new year for some coconut juice and nasi goreng. we did try to get some fresh fishes at Sg.ular. but the fisherman says we are too late. instead we hear to the fisherman's story. on how life as a fisherman is not a guarentee to return everytime they set sail, and also how they find the fishes. with diving down the water, and they can hear where the fishes at and what kind of fish it is. amazing huh? but it does take years of trainning. my days end at 10pm where dinner at bukit tinggi for some steamboat.

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