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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

oh my fergie

valencia??? seriously?

is like buying


ah bird said...

ohhh, BENZEMA. Why? I wanted Villa actually, but still better than a Valencia I guess.

Kok Jin said...


your fergie said Valencia can fire them to title.. -.-

yea right... isk...

julian said...

hope that am wrong but valencia is not that good also at wigan, mayb the hype while one or tow month he is on form, but stability wise, is still a big question. might be another south american flop like veron and forlan, at least he play in epl b4.

benz probably is younger option. villa is much more proven in international stage..

to trust or not to trust fergie, dono la.. after all he is the master. but on the other hand, he did a lot of transfer mistake like bellion, djemba.

wish fergie will have an eye for a player like wenger and can spend like perez. or a new world class star lah..

2 key player gone. ribery have too much competition, villa don seem like he want to move since valencia hav new financial suport.

finger crossed..