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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Manchester United

football is Big over here especially in Malaysia. Me, being a fan of one of the biggest football club in the world, Manchester United. the English Premier League do have a strong asian based fan compared to other league. for example Liverpool do have a strong hold in Thailand and over here in Malaysia, its Machester United. its a shame that some are not quite the true supporter, they would just hop to support one club just because that particular team is winning, and hop to another club, when that team is losing.

for example, before uncle Abrahamovic took over Chelsea, there not much of a strong fan based in Malaysia. until they bought star players like ballack and drogba, fans keep coming in. to set the record, drogba is not even an establish star before he move to chelsea. chelsea just bought him during his peak and he have some break through durin marseille uffa cup campaign.

when Mourinho took over at the helm of Chelsea, they won the 2 league title, thus the once dominant Manchester United as they say have 'loss' it. so many fan hop over to support Chelsea.
but the respond from United as always, been great. we won the league 3 times in a row, including this season.

during the glory days of the 90's, where united dominate the league, lots of people thinks they are the team to beat, and why not? they are the champion after all, with the likes of the King Eric Cantona, bryan robson, gary palister providing the rock to united defence, of course not to forget, one of the greatest goalkeeper to grace the game, peter schemichel. lots people don really fancy united, why ? because we are the best and the rest are probably jealous of the success.

i started to watch football and be a fan of united ever since the day of dennis irwin fill in the fullback role, and david beckham is still a young lad, trying breaking the first team, and teddy sheringham was deadly. it just something special about this team.regardless if the score is deadlock, or they are down, one thing for sure, they never ever gave up. the gaffer, sir alex, will give his all, even employ 4 striker at a time. and they are also famous for their late minute winner. some might say its luck, but could it be luck if it occurs continuously? and one famous guy for that is of course ole. ole gunnar solskjaer, nickname, the babyface assasint. now a background coach at united, he retired due to injury. his always score everytime he came on the pitch. and not to forget the most memorable goal was the 1999 champion league final where he score the winning goal against bayern in injury time. this is the 2nd time we lift the thophy.it cemented his name among the united faithful, and even have his own song that goes " you are my solskjaer my only solskjaer, you keep on scoring, when it is boring"

the first time was in 1968, during the busby babes era, which makes us the first english side to claim the title. if u are fan, you probably know the munich disaster, where it claim 8 first team player. imagine if that don't happen, would liverpool able to be as dominant as they are?
on 27, during the year's Champion league final in Rome, it mark Sir matt busby 100th b'day (a day after the final) if he is still alive, don b suprise if u see, sign saying " for sir matt busby" in ROME. yes it will b a wild celebration if we beat a strong barcelona side.

a lesson of history is, Manchester United formed as Newton Heath L&YR F.C. in 1878 among a group of railwayman.Manchester United officially came into existence on 26 April 1902. back then, probably the likes of Liverpool are strong. yes, everyone acknowledge that, but Manchester's history is starting to be written and will surely keep on continue to write unlike some club, that slump and never get it back togather, and hopefully, the night in Rome will be ours... Glory Glory Man united.

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