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Thursday, May 7, 2009

to whom it may concern

its come to my attention that one of my post about the prom have trigger some rage from certain quater of people. well to be honest, the post is all to tease one of my fren, eric. but apologies for those who take that as an offence, but its sad to hear that those who are near to me, always thinks i did something. well, i guess people only thinks the bad thing you have done and never be remembered for the good things, the time that i was on their side when they are down, etc... of course am not a perfect friend, but i try to be there whenever one give me the call. but if i say i go through some hard personal time with them and now been forgotten, i seems like i hail my self as a hero. well, thats not just right. anyways, to those who are not happy with my post, or those who think i did something wrong to trigger that unrest or unhappiness, well.... here is a story for you

different people have different perception. one man's meat could be another man's poison. one day a husband and wife went to the market and buy a donkey. on the way home one boy said "how stupid of neither of them not to ride the donkey". the husband quickly let his wife rode the donkey. as the walk on, a man wisper, " a man is the head of the family, how can he let his wife ride while he walk?!" the wife heard that and quickly got down and let the husband on the donkey while she walk at the side. as they head home, a woman said " how un-gentleman of the husband to let his wife walk" the husband quickly offer the wife to join him to ride the donkey. after that a boy said " oh poor donkey, how could u bear the weight of two person?" the husband and wife quickly got down and carry the donkey on their shoulder. later on a narrow bridge, the donkey got frighten and in the end all of them fall in the river.
what am trying to say is , you can never let everyone praise you or everyone to condemn you, not in the present, in the past nor in the future. thus not to be too bothered by others word as long as out conscience is clear.everyone wants their freedom of speech, thus this page is my freedom to blog, thank you.


-KenSon- said...

Ya...totally agreed. if not, why we blog?!

LUCKY_STRIKE_14 said...

huh???i din notice tat ur prom mia blog got any offense lo...haiya...blog is a place 2 express ma...don bother so much la..

julian said...

hey kks, good to hear from u.

kean: err.. the xiong bu pic, certain blog don't like. yaloh, finals coming and of course tioman to look forward to, don need bother.