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Sunday, May 24, 2009

on the set of angels and demon spoiler

the blockbuster of angels and demon, after watching it on friday night, kinda bring back

bit of memories from Rome.

dear jensen, i waited and waited but u took a few days to go back and change ur clothes at sk

but when the parents call, hope u don mind i watch it without u :P

pls don scroll down IF u don't want get any idea how the movie goes

the swiss guard * ever wonder why its called swiss?*

st.peters square, most of the setting of the movie revolve in.

Pantheon, still missing the buffalo wings at the mC d here.

inside of it, this is where Langdon, first visit to get the clue, but sadly, he was wrong

the 3rd clue, where the 3rd preferiti - the prefered choice to replace the pope. the clue was

the angle, in the end he got killed somewhere around the background where i was standing

no dslr, so cant zoom up, its an angel

the 4th preferiti, was saved, after he was almost drown in this fountain if am not mistaken

take #1

take #2

the last scene where they searchin for the bomb, its somewhere around 10 mins walk from

the st.peters. the angel with the sword thing, but too lil to see.

inside the church in the vetican, this is where the carmelengo-closest aid to the pope killed himself , by lighting up himself.

* other part that i visited was also the tomb of the pope, but no pictures are allowed to be taken.


Jansen said...

i got stuck in traffic jam...

julian said...

hahahaha :P