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Saturday, May 16, 2009


2cases of H1n1 reported today. a student from the state and a lady who was in the same flight with the student. well, its amusing how some, would critic the government for having people who got the disease from outside the country. the verdict: its stupid. seriously what can the government do? refuse entry to their own citizen and let it rot to death in the airport? seriously, why anything bad happen we have to point out the finger to the government? why don't we stand up and do something about it? or if you really not satisfied, run for election, be an MP and probably the Prime Minister if u could. no racist or corruption crap.. " yes we can"- obama.

another side of the news is, someone come back from singapore bla bla bla.. how good singapore authority is... bla bla bla... but, do take a look at this. even in LCCT. yes LCCT, the name low cost, doesnt mean its cheap and would neglect the ppl. even air asia, seems to bbe cheap to some, hey, they are the best low cost carrier the in the world. and when my dad got back from the UK from KLIA, yes, there are a run of checks to be done by the health minister.

so my suggestion is, before we start condemning, to look around first, for hard cold fact and evident instead of pointing the fingers. is the factor of the US being neglect, of their exit point makes the student and the lady able to come to malaysia, boom!!! malaysia have 2 cases and its all bad. naive!

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