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Sunday, May 3, 2009

football dream

in life everyone have their dreams.well, am glad to see one person the i held my heart close to, have his dream came true. his dream is just to watch 1 machester united match. but beyond his wildest dream, he catch 3 matches, and one of it is a semi finals of the champions league.

dad at the new wembley.

not too far away was arsenal's old ground- hibuary

to the new arsenal ground-the emirates

nice futuristic stadium

and some of the specatators goin into the stadium

before kickoff

boro vs arsenal

and the crowd from both team was jeering at each other

some of the boro playesrs are warming up

and lets the game begin! arsenal won in the end.

next stop

inside one of the top stadium in england

was brought around by one of the newcastle legend ( far left)

nicky butt

the view from the lounge and the director's box for newcastle vs portsmouth

yes we have one foot to rome

glory glory man utd

outside the stadium, the arsenal and man u fans was teasing each other with songs

as the 2 supporters goes too close with each other, police step inside

the pride of manchester

with finals coming, i have to 'BELIEVE' that i can do it, i can improve my grades,and one day probabaly can step into old trafford and can be a season ticket holder.

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