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Thursday, April 30, 2009

my day today ;)

bits of sponge that flew out from inside of the kicking shield that i broke with my kicks

was at good night today at kickboxing, the class is way smaller, so instead of the boring routine, we tried a lot more including an ancient move. certainly enjoyed myself today, not sure if its the joy of learning new routine, less people means no more boring routine 1-4, instead more kicking! or i just enjoy kicking my partner who is a lim kok weng student, also a junior, or it can b the shopping i did for the day :)

certainly today with self declaired holiday, and also man utd winning and totally dominate last nite's match, it takes my mind away from registration for the new semesters's course. the diellema of the subject "mini project" certainly there are lots to gain experience wise, but then again, as much as i would like to learn, i don't really wanna a liability for my partner, whoever it may be. i mean programming is just not my thing.as the result for test 2 is out, well, an average result, a mix feeling, that i know i can do better.

while waiting for my bode graph to print and m packing for tomorrow almost done, so i could get up and leave for home. happy holidays everyone, its a long weekend.of course i hope tomorrow would b an equally productive day, but then again, i shall not put my hopes up so high, to end up with disappointment. and congrats to my cousin simon, who is a father today. his princess was born at 3.45 kg.

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