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Monday, April 27, 2009

thinking of u..

its been a very tiring day, rushing electronics assignment. well, its always been like this whenever it involve pSpice simulator. there are lots happening at home, but its all good. i went home last saturday, for first time in 2 weeks, feel like its better then going back everyweek, because it IS true that absent make ur heart fonder. thus i was missed at home. but the main reason i went back because i want to sent my dad off. he will be off to the UK.

while doin or copying assignment i got an sms from him last nite,

"hi, just visited wembley,now having pie and hot chocolate in the emirates, catchin the arsenal match"

thinking bout him, catchin the arsenal match and tonight he will be catchin the newcastle match and most importantly, the champion league semi final between Manchester united and Arsenal at the Theather of dream. so happy for him that his dream of catchin a Man united match finally came true. its in his wildest dream to be able to watch it, in 10 years ago. as he was planning to retire with DAB 4996. but things have change. yes, we are gretful for the blessings.

but doin or i should say more appropriately, copying the assignment, just make me wonder if i really cut out for this engineering thing? math test 2, i dont think i could achieve a near perfect mark, not to be cocky, but the questions in test 2 are kinda like tutorial. sadly i cant remain professional enough to differentiate between personal and work and in the end let my woes get the better of me. with all the assignments, just copied, the question remains, whether i really could make it in the world of engineering?


Siew5 said...

that's y many engineer is jobless due to this problem.. i definitely dont not hope that we fall into that category.. =.= absent make the heart fonder,i wonder u refer to which 1? XD

julian said...

refering to home of course, since i was absent @ home