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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

most expensive ever

not too long ago, my friend turn 21,
another magic number is 8
thats how long we never met,
3 was the other number,
thats the only number of people from primary that attended
$$$$$ was the cost of the event.

it was at the lake club

its a black tie event, with black and red is the theme

the ladies up for the best dress

fancy deco for the night

the host for the night ( from left the bff and sis)

pic taken moment with all the guest

a family potrait

thus this is the most and grand-est b'day bash that i have ever attended,its similar to Mtv's my super sweet 16 except the got an electric guitar other than a mercs

a few weekend back....

12 is the fees per hour for the court

2.7 per shuttle.

grand total for an hour of work out: rm 20

  • most expensive badminton session per hour


Kok Jin said...

most expensive badminton session per hour.

I have to agree with you that RM20 per session is really expensive. T_T

julian said...

forget to mention about the fastest ever badminton game that i beat ppl. 5 min for a game. :p