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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

a LOOOoong weekend

its been a LONG weekend, i HAVE to say.just got back today, a tuesday when class started on monday. not that i wanted to skip class, the lesson learned is.. if u r are not well, or don't feel 100% don ever tahan. been tahan-ing it for quite a while and ignoring the signs... in the end, sunday night, it hit me real bad. i was out most of the monday. on the bed. well, the viral still here, even today's class i have to cut it half day. don feel good, and have no apetite to have lunch. sigh...

on a brighter note, the weekend was a good one.

start from sat,

its been a while since i could get up whenever i feel like. exams, revision, morning classes, etc.... and best part of all, mom din not nag me up from my bed. ahh..... such joy! even the house work just both of them do. since both of my siblings are at work. feels good to b the only child sometimes. till, around 11 ish.. uncle Teo, ask for lunch. and to my suprise it was at satay Kajang ( hj samuri) in Bukit Tinggi. a big grin on my face. see, peacock, you COULD have satay if only u come here :P

lunch was more like getting to know the people from the warehouse. my personal opinion is, its good to have lunch and invite them along, although for some it might not be "glamorous". yes they might work hard in the warehouse doing all the dirty job, but hey, without them production don't happen do they? there also David, the engineer, bro's good fren from his Uniten day. as Puasa month is coming, and of course they still HAVE to work, a simple lunch to show some appreciation and some mingling session a lil, will bring more good than harm if there is any. i got to know that most of them are Kelantanese. am not sure how it is done in other state, but somehow we kelantanese just click. the interesting part is some of them are from the area when drugs are almost in every family, because that area is bordering Thailand, thus is such a problematic area. so with them being able to get out of there and find work, i guess they will work doubly hard to help out their family.

after lunch was Jusco. to get cookbook for Pei se, and to fix my badminton racquet. apparently there is a football match that night. a cup final between Kedah and Selangor. knowing Kedah would be playing, i know uncle Nazri would be in town.

he must be really proud of his team: kedah. after all he is their advisor.
my cousin Richard called,saying he will come at midnight. wanted to bring my dad's fav hokkien mee. well, he is sort of an elder elder brother, it suprised me how concern and how he adviced my sister on what kinda guy her bf is. telling her how don't be stupid and to "test"the dude. coming from a dude that have around 15 ex's i was impressed. good thing he turn the big 30, thus its suitable for him to sound like an old man. after his movie date at Pavillion he came with Kah lai. well,they sorta biasa with my hse anyways.

we bought him. after a short notice. oh well, at least its something, when ur turning 30, you cant expect ur frens to give u suprise party can u? we watch football and the Thai ghost movie for the night.
i feel like vomitting.as soon as i get up. knowing the noise.. i know something is up, uncle teo invite us to his house at Ambang Botanic. apparently ada makan for lunch.

my entertainment for the evening. not bad, can play Leonna Lewis bleeding love and sean kingston's beautiful girl.not feelin that good i just seat down and watch the olmypics. apparently that 2 kinda close from the day they are at JB.

the tought of picking up Golf again, do crossed my mind last week, when Meisiem says the rate is kinda low the Cyber park driving range. thus my brother asked me to go driving range around 6ish.. i know he just using me, so my mom wont nag him. oh well, i got my own benefit of a free game too :)

kota permai golf and country club. not that far from our house.there is not much pressure playing here because there is no coach Kelly to nag and nag and nag. the last time i went to a driving range is at Kgpa, near Kiara. that time was the weekend i came back from Melaka after breaking up. i feel that she is too clingy, and one of the thing that i missed is spending time with my family. thus went to the range with dad and bro that time.

there is always time to cam-whore huh? am pleased to say that almost 69.9% of the ball flew well. well luckly is start with a PW, the 7 don't go that far as i wish. but oh well, hope there is time to catch up.

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