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Monday, July 21, 2008

when the drugs run out

the excitement and the adrediline rush from manila have seem to be drained down. probably the detoxing from the body. no mood to do stuff and feeling just lazy and not to mention tired.

feeling of stopping everthing of my outside activities and just focus solely on study is in the air. and the rest are just friends. study and preparing for the trip, of course i need to have the cash. cash is very important factor for me to go explore. to open up the sepet eyes.

the plan is: not to have one. well, lots of plan have been made.some might say there are too much plan but not much of executing. plans been alter. or just simple scrapped.

an interesting convo during sat dinner:

mr gan sr: so now don't wanna go UK anymore?
jr: nope
sr: well, you could still go. don't have to care bout her or see her.
jr: i suppose, but my friends are mostly there, in Australia and New Zealand. never really fancy UK anyways other than watching Man U.
sr: oh, ok, only when i tought that to sent u there with ur sister.
jr: just sent me down under
sr: so u cant complaint anymore when i go hols with ur mom.

wherever it is, might be the plans with prae, to visit bangkok, or she coming to kl, or we both go down under and fly with dharmik to new zealand. or pay a visit to toshi and chori in japan, or going to a place that i really want, New York, probably can catch Miku there, heck even, seeing Chyntia in Korea, or Jessie in HK. whatever it is, i know life have a very unexpect turn. for example, i never plan to visit manila.

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