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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

congrats!thank YOU!

a big congrats to you dear, yes you my dear sister. i know the spot light is always on me, and you have always been unlucky, but guess what? this time you really did it! and you got the upper hand this time, you got your degree, and i havent got mine. and all the critics that you got ever since school day, i'll say screw all that, now you can be proud of yourself for your success and hardwork. so congrats and love you, we all are proud of you! . and we shall negotiate about the sony G900. and for once i joked with my dad! i actually can joke with him!!

i realise that lots of people are happier these days. knowing that all of them are happy and have things their way, do make me happy too by just listening to it. like how carmen and eng hoe, endure a long distance relationship till now he already graduate from UK and they still goin strong, its a nice thing to hear, even if am not that close to both of them. other than that for sure i know its a happy day for my family, and my good mate, amar just celebrate his 1 year and half with his gf, vicki got a great winter break back in Malaysia to bring back to New Zealand, cavvie wavvie got her dream uni, although poor dear got into a car crash, but thankfully she is alright, bro bet, he having a great time abroad with his work and wheng teng having a good time doin internship,while ash seems to have things her way and sound like she having fun back home, while kok jin is happy being with his "friend". as for me, well i have exams, but to complain and sulk? no... so thank God, for everything, for blessing each and everyone.

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