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Friday, July 18, 2008

me likey this

miku just sent me this pics, which i kinda really fancy.even if i look red like a lobster according to alex. think its her smile. on the other hand prae was saying that she don feel the "mmu aura" , dono what that suppose to mean.

on this issue that i found in someone's blog, oh ok.. fine i wont play around the bushes anymore,yin's blog.

have a friend who sort of cheated with the ex and now his current dumped him. Karma? Yes. But my friend was just wanting his happy ending. Is there any wrong? We have to be kind and sometimes along the way we have to be selfish to someone else. It's unfair. He was sad. I don't blame her either I guess. She is also in favour of her happy ending and maybe my friend is the sacrifice this time around. He kept listening to Leona Lewis. At first it was "Bleeding Love" now it is "Better In Time". He is better now after coming back from a good overseas trip. Met lots of chicks. Hopeful and annoying again. Oh, the was-current dumped him for another guy I supposed. Whatever lah. Who dump who is like complex integral.

well i have to agree on the part of being sacrifice, well, we are human, and we tend to be selfish most of the time. though it sucks to be sacrifice. but one thing i have to disagree is..... "hopeful"? hopeful for what?


Yin Fung said...

hopeful for another day! not look macam mau mati!!!

erm.. ambigous sentence.. sorry ahh.

julian said...

mana ada macam mau mati? i feel ALIVE! muahahahah