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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

a mus ta ka!

A mus ta ka, from Quezon city! well, its almost been a week since am here. though, its hard settling down at first, but its alright now. i have to say ATTENEO is a wonderful place. its something equallvalent to our sri garden, except they have, high school and also university.well, i am for sure won't mind to be an exchange here, thats for sure. anyways, the food here is pretty exotic at first, there are lots and lots and lots of pork! they used up all part of the pork, that the chinese would be ashame of themself.

so far i tried, sisig, which is a smash up pork face, serve in sizzling hot plate, pig cook by its own blood, bull testical, well, the hamburger here is great too! they have this place call "angel" which is something like our ramli burger. real cheap food. like for 2 burger its rm 3. well, exploring the street's food does make me more adventurous with food.

met a few new friends, like anna, raymond, nigel, toshi, Bj, maki, and also chori. well, booze have been their national drink here, especially san miguel's.

to be honest right now, at this cybercafe, i don feel THAT easy. as there are few eyes are watching. its either transexual or ........

oh well.. hope to hear from you guys soon. and yes i do miss home!

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