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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

5 years plan? or just 5 months

was learning about how malaysian company making 5 years plan to set their goal and way the company would go in that period of time. ( yes i pay attention in dixit class, ada prob?)

so whats my plan in 5 years?

  • graduate?
  • get into flying school
  • join Raleigh
  • take life changing journey

well, sticking to the game plan which is " not to have a plan, IS the plan".

i once told a close friend of mine, rizal. told him, after 3 years after being a pilot, i would buy a X5 and drive him and his then gf, mae sau, up to genting.

well, truth now is, am doing engineering and FAR from owning an X5. X5 is the bmw four-wheeled drive btw.

next month i should start saving up my cash. after checking my bank balance last night. well, its not that good so far. i need to have around X ammout before march next year. it can be said my financial year runs from march to march, as thats when the CNY money come in.

how? how i am gonna get my goal of rm X ?

  1. cut down monthly spending. which includes; phone credit ( means no crazy phone call), simply throwing money away on nothing ( buying clothes for no reason or trying to get shoes)
  2. withdraw out most of the money and store it in FD,( yes, cant get much, but at least get something rather than nothing by putting it in the bank)
  3. click nuffnag more.
  4. collect all the "loan"
  5. don go out so much with sis, (coz she will make me spend money)
  6. don't be greedy especially with food.
  7. don't be forgetful like forgetting pencil box or pen drive.

as all good CEO, they have their plan B. well the plan B shall be................ mind games :D

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