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Sunday, July 13, 2008

he is BACK!!!

am back from the philipines finally being able to update the blog. its sorta a start/stop process.lots of things to do and updates. though now also i should be studying but... oh well.. anyways am back after 3 hours plus flight from clark airport last saturday. i was greeted by my sister and mom at the arrival gate. apparently that day, my parents are celebrating their wedding anivasary. 27-28 yrs? amazing how ppl last togather that long rite? while around me, even 1- 2 years seems like light years.well, dinner that night was great. seafood! @ teluk gong.

anyways, 2 things happen that day. well Emilia left for India on the same day am back.so cant really say goodbye. and also means i don really have a " partner" for the annual dinner. :P

another was heard that uncle razak, is coming back as the MD.good for you. as you already eyeing that for quite a while, and coming back after all the unfortunate things happen to you. its all good now. i am not sure if its me or what but, everyone seems happy. i mean not because am back, happy as in they got things their way. and lots and lots of great wonderful news. its almost like a fairytale.

Austral was a really eye opener for me. having no experience what so ever in debating, except for those in the daily life, which cant be couted. other than that, there are also other things than goin there for a competition as some might assume. at the bigger picture, debating is just a small part of the trip. i would say the experience, friends you make and the culture you embrace is what really matters. thats what an Australian dude told me, and he is a veteran of 3 Austral.

well here are some intersting ppl that i met.

Q san, and Chyntia from DAE, korea.met them, during the unofficial opening night. and hang out sometimes. well, chyntia travelled a LOT. she was brought up in England, and moved to China, Japan and finally Korea. have lots of interesting stories. and a killer camera. she took over 1842 pics during the tournament.

Jonathan ( on the far left) Keigo ( far right)

met Jonathan around, he is very friendly and always love to stand out in the crowd. like in the pics, he wore a guy kimono. well, he is an american but studying in ICU, where Keigo is studying.met Keigo during my first match. apparently those that i met during my first match, against ICU, is those ppl that i can say i kinda close to most.

Chori! or Naouko.meeting her in the debate room, was a freaky experience. as she was the 2nd speaker and so was i. well, she was a bit aggressive for my first time experience.was talking to fangs, how ridiciouls her idea was. but after the debate, we shook hand and start talking.met her at almost all the socials event. talk and have a few drinks. well coming from someone who live near Harajuku, i have to say her dressing is not as bad as those wannabies harajukus in Malaysia, for example a certain "may" which is just an eye sore. SERIOUSLY! well a nice person to talk to, really cute and adorable. and have a voice of an anime character.

though its sad not being able to say goodbye properly as she got sick. and when she was about to leave, Masako said she is sleeping. oh well, tough luck.

Toshiyaki. or Toshi. ICU's captain.brought up in London. his nick name is American boy/ rich kid. because he speak with such an american excent. apparently a well known jap representative as he have been debating for quite a while.quite a unique character.but always hang around, even for dinner. we enjoy our Jolibee's :D he is quite an alcohol pusher.dude probably, pushed me to a limit that i never been before.

mmu ppl. most of the time its with them. ips, bubu, baby G, B square,fangs. quite interesting ppl.

Prae,or Tayanan or noprada. one interesting story bout this girl is her dad changed her name when she was 12, as it is belived that it will bring her bad fortune later in the future. brought up in New Zealand. and now in thailand. though just met her during the last few days of the competition, but a really fun character to be around with, the pic above, she was havin of the marlyn manroe moment as the sudden wind almost blow her skirt :p and that was the pic she took of me, in the morning before she left. i can actually listen to the cam clicking! hmph!

miku. helping her out with the keio bid for hosting the next Austral. although monash get the nod, well that don really matter at the end of the day. we had each other as company especially during our duty as adjudicator. which i got a feeling Clans put us 2gather on purpose as panels during one of the round. well been brought up in carlifonia, she havent been to a jap school, even though now in japan, she was in private school, before entering uni, well, goodluck sweetie in the states in like 3 months time?

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