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Thursday, October 14, 2010

The end

With Facebook, its rare for people to upload pictures on blog anymore. Hardly have any sleep and finger crossed, the proposal will be accepted. Its like been a tradition ever since MMU for me to lose sleep as nearer to the reopen of class. Previously as exam results are released, then now FYP is looming.

As my proposal already been mail, all I can do now is to wait for the green light, which I really hope it's green.  However its easier said than done. Not to worry is not so easy to do. 

These are some of the pictures from my recent trip to Bandung, Indonesia. Hope the good time are not wipe away with the stressful-ness of FYP and the new semester, as I hope to enter the new semester, a better person after few months away. 

Spot the lightbulb

The airport, ex air force base


And the Ah Ma needs some loving too..

Gunawan from Surabaya

Nuri Ang and husband from Jakarta

tea time

Remind of little Genting

Adding the ambience's for romantic dinner 

Finger foood

Pisang goreng with sugar or mint flavour chocolate
One of the Factory Outlet

Why is it not by Perodua?

Inside the Factory outlet

Its like your average mall


Everybody for dinner, nasi padang

Ordinary store but..

sells pisang goreng for 1000 each! - Rupiah

Will be nice if the volcano erupt suddenly

As it is stated " Tangkuban Prahu"

Food at the top of highland

Cold weather, its good to have Bakso

Pineapple street

Sarawak Pineapple? please lah

Even the bees love it

ho liao! 

Dinner at Java Beans

Gunawan with wife and kid

Sawah padi? 

Yes, but the view from this restaurant

model, because they are paid to pose

Ain't no Heritage row, another Factory Outlet

Some of the few theme Factory outlet

Flying out from Cihampelas street

Of course some modern building too

No they don't just sell Tarzan suit

One of the place to visit

the most cincai van driver

some can't just behave

the maternal side

Kawah Putih ( read lah) 

Bone chilling weather with warm water

Jump shot take #1

its a crater, please don jump

talk too much, eat chili

Not lake Como, but good enough

As the sun set, its time to say Goodbye..

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