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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Finale Year

Final year Project, or FYP can be a signal for both bad and good depends on the point of view of each individual. It could mean the end of an era for an undergrad student, goodbye student life and helo hard labour. But it could also mean the freedom or independent, the time to take responsibility take care of our family and make a wonderful career which will bring us far in life.

Regardless how it is interpreted, its a moutain to climb to complete the FYP. Its a shame really that most of us can't enjoy the few last days or semester in the university due to the rush and various datelines by this project.

On a personal level, there are a few trade off in my FYP, the bad side is to travel to Melaka every Friday and Saturday to conduct experiments, and having two supervisor, one in Melaka and another in Cyberjaya, where both supervisor have vast knowledge and keep on pushing my ass.

Yes, having 2 bosses means double the headache, and travelling down there on Friday right after my 11 a.m class and come back to KL on Saturday night just to make time for family day on Sundays, are quite tiring and not to mention expensive. However, its also good that both supervisor push my ass and due to their vast knowledge, there are not much of a margin that I could bullshit my way through.

This juggling act sometimes really make me exhausted, at the same time, I too have to focus on my subjects in class other than the FYP.

Entering week 4 and the month of November, its sad to see the monsoon have hit various part of Malaysia and causes flood in the northen region and also Kelantan. No matter how much I love year end, its a sad scene to see others lost.

The holy month of December is also approaching really soon, right now, everything happens really quick, and you can even see raindeers outside of oldtown indicate Christmas is around the corner.

They say all work and no play make Jack a dull boy, but lately I feel the laziness in creeping in, and this jack have played a lot. Yes I have to admit, balancing is a must and my 'play' time I have allocated a few 'play time' like the comedy night at the end of the month.

In a nutshell I guess, with so many work to do, I have to play big to release all or most of the work load.

I hope that my project go smoothly, and there will be enough material to drill into. And at the same time, I could juggle time to spend my time with others rather than time with my computer replying mails to the supervisors and reading journal or doing revision, because I don't wanna look back and have regrets and at the same time my priority will be my project. Confused? Yes so am I

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