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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dear friends,

Went for dinner. This time with I guess could say with some of the people who are around me, especially in my down time, but at same time I feel bad for not able to include them in my activities as frequent as I would like.

These are the friends that who stood by me, when I was down n out in Uni, especially when the time I was been told off by some people, they are the one who advice me not to retaliate as I would like to, they also would tell me to my face on the screw up I made. During the period when I broke up, they too are the one that would accompany me for lunch and for jogs. Yes, I remember, although I might seems to occupy my time with other group of friends, but I never forget especially those who are kind and give me a listening ear whenever I need to rant. Yes we also have some hard time during our assignment, but one thing that make me glad is, there are no hard feeling after the assignment is done.There are no grudge, and things are back to normal after the task is completed.

Our time in Uni is limited and is coming to an end, am glad to spend some time tonight to have some dinner a small chat to catch up.

Guess this picture will be in our memories, Eddy Burger, 4 December 2006 at 9.49 pm, right after studying in the library.

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