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Friday, December 3, 2010

almost 22

This is probably the last post that I am going to post at 21. In a few hours when the clock strike 12, and I turn 22. 21 is normally associated with "independent". Parents supposedly give the key to their children to go on live their life.But what does 22 mean?

Recapping back at 21, I earn a newer degree of "independent"  when I got my first car.The term "my" here refer to me as the owner of the car, legally. Why I say this? because on one incident that I recall, a so called casanova tried to impress a girl. He went to the girl house, call her out of the house asking the girl " hey do u wanna go for a ride in MY car?" It was a BMW. However the girl decline and in the end, it was not his car, it is his father's company car. Embarrassing ain't it?

However owning a car have it pros and cons, where you really have to tighten your belt, in my case. To accommodate extra expenses like fuel and toll when at the same time having a fixed allowance. And of course trying to get a job as soon as possible to serve the car loan. But on the bright side, you can go anywhere at anytime.

Owning a car also taught me a lesson.Just like the song " Forget you". As some might know the incident during beta year where a female class mate ask me out because she initially thought that I own a car. But after coming clean, she distance her self. This just shows how easy and shallow people can be and caught up in the material world. But for the record, I won't fetch her even then if I own a car or even now.

I count my blessing and really thankful for the car, which is also the blood and sweat of my parents.

Having the dinner at Tenji last night, to be perfectly honest and frank,it would not surprise me if thats probably the last time for my birthday celebration with everyone around. This is because after June, some might work in KL, some will be in Kulim, some in Penang, everyone will be scattered around having their own job and pursing the career. But thank you very much for the celebration.

With 6 months more to go, I am not sure where I will work and based on what that I will apply the job.Like for some already decided where they wanna work, let it be because to be near with the girlfriend, some already got offered a job, while there are also having superstar status where company will come look for them.

So all I hope is the year gets better and better as we might not know what is going to happen at every junction of this road we call life.

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