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Friday, October 8, 2010

You Again?

Its been a while since I participate in Nuffnang competition, and this time the Movie Premier of "You Again" have really caught my eye as it is something I can relate to, on a personal level. Now I am 

"old enough to look back and laugh at my mistakes Young enough to look at the future"

School have been the best time for me. Lots of fond memories there. However there is one that stand out from the rest or let just say one person that everyone is school will remember, perhaps for the wrong reason.His name goes by KKW.

KKW was my school mate throughout my primary and secondary school.He was quite intelligent on the academic side, however he was not liked by many due to his annoying attitude. 

We all hate those who always complain to their parents and their parents come to the school and make a big fuss.whinny baby that goes around and telling people stories. Well that is the case with KKW. But I have to admit that I was kinda naughty and a bit of the playful side when I was younger.

One memorable incident during primary school was when a girl found out that KKW's school uniform have yellow stain on the arm pit. Being naughty I add oil to the fire and almost everyone in school start giving him name "Garlic bread". The abuse he got that time was harsh and almost everyday and every person who bump into him  tease him. At one point when the mother came to the school gate and start to shout at me and my friend plus giving long lectures. This anger me more.

In high school I thought that I would never see him again, but during the first day, the person who step in the class, and my heart goes " YOU AGAIN!", but I got the same vibe from him as I was close to the girl that he has his eye on since primary.

During form 2, someone stole his personal diary from his bag. Inside he wrote some indecent thing that he wanted to do to some of the girls, his fantasy with his raging hormone grace the content of the diary.Not knowing who stole it, he pointed the finger at me, thus I was in a deep trouble. I imagine myself again getting long lectures from his mother. To avoid that I found the real culprit however it was too late to salvage my tarnished image. 

Furious that I was, I asked a few friends for favor to get back at him. And one of them is a person who keep on complain to. so me and my friends walk into the class to get him. All 3 of us are furious because he is the tattletale who rat us out to the chemistry teacher, that we skip her class. 

Our punishment

3 of us did something well, I am not sure its appropriate to even discuss it here. However, most of people in our batch still talk about it today. In no specific order, one of us hold his hand and another his legs, and another one open his zipper to flick our fingers, well the rest I leave it to your imagination. We got chased by a broom after that. Its like you leave an angry bull out of the cage when we release his hand and feet.

After that incident, our feud ended. I guess both of us grown more matured. However, all the person that KKW have annoyed still remembers it and he is forever known as the tattletale.

After leaving school everyone goes their own way to Universities, some of us are already working. There is never a time when I catch up with my high school friends without discussing about KKW. Ask anyone from there, their reaction will be


You again?

Whenever anyone met him. And we know he is always around a mini market nearby  his housing area.

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