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Saturday, February 28, 2009

bitch off my back

from the title, no am not refering to any individual. the word 'bitch off the back' means, u get something that is really a pain in the ass for you remove.

my bitch is engin math 3, you see,i finally get through the paper after lots of obstecle.so i can gladly say that that bitch ( math3) is off my back, is gone, its history!

another bitch that is finally off my back is when you google my name 'julian gan han jiang' there is no more hate blog on me.its finally gone.guess people should think on the long term on the effect rather, typing on how they feel at that instant moment.

anyways, am glad that the 2 bitches ( math 3 and hate blog) is finally off the list of the tons of list that i need to crossed out from my bitch list


Kok Jin said...

lol...finally the hate blog is gone...

congrats... ^^

julian said...

tq. its easy to mistunderstood me.it take quite a long time, but i guess, its about time for others to realise their mistake. i forgive the hate blog.hope others realise their mistake too