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Saturday, February 28, 2009




the sem break of the gamma final sem is coming, well to be honest its about 3 months more, but since the trend now is to book tickets months earlier, for a lower rate, the decision have to be made.this is suppose the time that i flew to the UK.

my fren from perth came down during the last sem break for holiday and told me, 'if u EVER get your heart broken again, come to Perth, and we all will know what to do with you' and this week's e-mail says and i quote "definately i'll take u there!!! wad kind of fren did u think i am? idiot, i know u.... hahaha"
am really happy to have friends that understand what will make me happy and supportive too, even when sharing problems with them about studies they are very supportive, the lines like " i think its dumb to continue doin what you are not into" on the other hand, i have those who will say things like " be gretful bla bla bla" instead of understanding the problem i would get an aunty lecture.don't get me wrong that i don listen to lecture, but it have to make sense.
though its akward for me since school is out long time ago, and rarely hang out with them.

well back here, the tioman trip its organise by Mmu or specificly by kenny tan. considering this trip not only because of kenny tan that organise it, also because i've heard of tioman island for quite a long time now, and one of the places that i would like to visit for quite a long time already. anywhere with the white sand and blue water, you could count me in. its the peace i find when walking down the beach alone feeling the breeze and the hot sun.

verdict: non-conclusive maybe bukit tinggi its an option too.

a song from the past with real soul and a band used to be

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