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Thursday, February 19, 2009

and the dream continues..

hopefully,everything goes to plan tomorrow. and I am set, to step foot to MFA, Malaysia Flying Academy, tomorrow. this semester is a bit tought, especially subjects like microelectronics, small signal diagram... sigh.. and also control theory, with laplace transformation, and machine transformation. with that all aside, it still at the back of my head, bout what the .... am doin here in MMU, with my vision is not as sharp as before, no more 5/5 anymore, the dream of flying seems fading.

as some that been to my room might notice my small collection of plane, well, am very glad to add to the collection.. with..

a Qatar Airways a340-600, its one of the biggest model of the a340 family. the model that i have is to the scale of 1/500.

wing is a symbol to fly, it also a way to say, FREEDOM

the sleek aerodynamic design, always a marvel probably for anyone, don't it blow ur mind how us human can lift this mamoth to the sky? and its all up to the well trained pilot to bring this baby up up and away...

the world, that i am always curious on how it looks like, different culture, different place, different people, all seperate by 3 degrees of seperation.i hope, i wish, and i pray for one day, that i could travel the world, flying, and in the end would still call this place home.

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