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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

valentine vs chap go meh

chap goh meh, marks the 15th, and the last day of the chinese new year, or its niu year. people throw oranges into the river in hope to find their partner. and a week later, (this weekend) its valentine, its when those who have a partner to supposedly show their affection to each other. lots of shop as u walk down the mall in red with roses, or pink, the obvious kim brickman's 'my valentine' is playing at those shop that sell the "couple magnet" which i seriously don't get it, no offence those who buy it. there goes on a list of thing that i don't understand like today's so called fashion like a 'vest' .

valentine is also a time for restaurant to offer their 'valentine set' and jack up the price. and u can see people trying to make a profit from selling roses, 1 roses can cost up to 8 bux each? yes it is good for the bad economy, as to push the inflation rate, but seriously, have valentine been SO commercialize ? togather with christmas? the side effect of globalization i tell u!

sometimes we are too caught up in the occasion, we neglect and forget what the true meaning behind it, as its a such a subjective thing, as am sure everyone have their own opinion on things. but generally, i think valentine is a way to rekindle, or to light up the spark in the relationship. as most of us are busy, with out daily life, sometimes we go to throght the same routine all the time, yes it does tend to be boring, so let a special day, to add that 'spice' or ' excitement' in the relationship.

thinking of my first valentine card in high school, was an card from THE girl in primary school. everyone was crazy for her in primary, as we leave and go into high school we went seperate ways, but for me, i still keep in contact with her. so during one fine valentine she sent a card, saying " i love u........................." that did bring a big smile but the end of it ".............. as a friend"

ke-kanasai-an yang teramat sangat.oh well, things happen i suppose. happy valentine for those who gonna celebrate, hope that you all have a good time in the name of romance :P and for those single one out there, well, don't let the occasion let u down, there always friends to hang with as valentine is not restricted to boy/girl thing, it could also be viewed as a friendship thing, plus there are still lots of fishes out there.

p/s: applicable for guys and girls

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