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Friday, January 23, 2009

christmas eve

the eve dinner was at coronade hotel in bukit bintang. i feel like its much more of a formal dinner even if its just my family member, mayb because i din't go home for quite a while, and dad shook my hand as if he was meeting one of his client, sigh!

Kc and the killer girls

we hav our own creative way to decorate

imagine its winter..


'forced smile'

the lightbulb

mr.short temper and mrs emo


bigger winner of the night

yes, another one.. (show off... sigh)

and i questioning myself why people spend so much on a coach sigh...

finally she don't complain on a gift by him

who is this dude? he is the emcee and says he play bad guy in drama series on AEC. anyone?


Anonymous said...

Oh my... I've never actually met ur parents !!!

julian said...

kenapa? nak kahwin ke?