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Saturday, January 10, 2009


the first post of 09. 2009, well, not a great start as predicted as expert. well, having to seat for finals during the first week of a new year is never a good start anyways. well, this sem with 3 papers, it does take a lot. somehow i don't feel i did good during this finals. the last paper ENT, well if i don't have the math paper right in the middle, i guess i could do a better job, as i only have a day and a half to prepare. and maths, it just frustrating not to kill off the paper with the great start.frustrations and disappointment, is that the theme of the year? well i hope not, although supp paper is calling which does put a dent in the Chinese new year celebration. once i get my butt off the sofa and stop getting addicted to PSP, i will start studying, as for now, i guess there is nothing to do and try to get the disappointment over with, basically am just disappointed with myself for not tryin harder. a new toy is coming on friday according to edmund, well, i can only wish its mine, but then again, i can play with it most of the time during the hols :D

there's all for now.. happy holiday fellow mmu-ians, and have a safe trip home, and a great time celebrating CNY.

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