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Thursday, December 31, 2009


5, 4, 3, 2, 1!!  *pow boom boom pow* no its not the black eye peas, the sound of the fireworks, goes off. we bid farewell to 2009 and welcome 2010. Should I be excited? moderately optimistic? super hyped up? Another year means another year have pass by, and we grow older by a year. Personally I love the carefree, immature life of a child. No worries, no commitment, no responsibilities.The date says, am officially 21 but still don feel or act like one yet. Still finding my feet,grasping all that jazz with responsibilities and being adult.

As a child I remember I cant wait to grow up, because when I grow up, I would have more money to buy Lego, instead of need to beg my parents to get me my lego. Few years on... when my allowance is increased, yet the last lego i bought was for my small cousin for christmas a few years back. Receiving a lego set this year for my birthday gift does make me flash back to my childhood. Too bad with finals exam, I cant build my latest model for my collection.

At the same time, am searchin for a place to do my industrial training. the first step in stepping into working life. such contradiction rite?

A very old  experience lady who just know me, advise me to make my heart and head in sync, because its so divided. I think its very true. Maybe its a test for me,to be stern in making my choices. sometimes lack of choices is a problem, but too many choices also brings problem too.

How do you describe your 2009?

The saying goes, " its not how u start, its how u finish it" 

Real life example can be living proof for example,

  • one team can go behind at the first half of a match, but still can win it at the end.
  • some might not have a higher education but still can be a success in life, Bill Gates, David B
  • You might skip the foreplay, but still give her orgasm
So how I really spend my last day of 2009? I decided to stay in this time. Jams, crowds, crazy revelers, is just probably not my forte this time. Although some might find it hard to belive, as they have the impression that am some wild club hopping dude.

Apart from that, I spend a lot of time with my brother ever since I came back from MMU. the kind of bonding that is very rare ever since he step into uni, and that was 7 years ago. Its a really nice change from the post-christmas situation that I am in which is very not the nice.

Lots of those new year sms says "leave all the 2009 prob behind as we embrace the new year" but sometimes the prob will follow u till the new year or even ur next life.But thinking of its nothing I could do anymore until the result is out, the power is not in my hand, thus I decide to join the Hatyai trip next week, to at least try to get my mind off with amazing thailand.

2010, and 2011 are gonna be the "academic year" with FYP, industrial training, and simply no room for error during exam. enough stress rite?

Apart from that, there is the big wedding of my only sister. Enough said, that will be a heck of busy time.

Back to 2009, probably right now, I would say its a moderate year.nothing too tragic or too awesome happen. But its safe to say, that I learn to face a few of my "fears" if its the right way to put it, or let just say it as things I won't do before this.
  • swim in the ocean
  • driving in a crazy busy highway for long distant
  • settling in klang
  • reading the paper daily,now its a habit
  • interact with those that i think i won't 
  • stand up against the 'greater power'
  • having emotion attached
2010, where it will lead? who know..but things I would like to do or a better term, new year resolution. there are no list but in general, I would like to be more positive on things. I really admire those around me that could keep their cool and be open and positive. belive it or not, we are lil bit and part of those people that surrounding us. some people might have drastic change, and some have lil.

I really really have this weird feeling, that i kept to myself. its really really really really really really really really weird feel.... i miss debate, there i said it

till next time, Happy New Year everyone. Hope it will be awesome to all

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