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Monday, December 21, 2009

Top 50 food!

this is my list of food n the location that in my personal opinion thinks its good. no pics, because I think its annoying when people will go like  "wait  wait take picture first"  perut lapar la! well this is my list, whats yours?

  1. Deep fried Tenggiri- Banana leaf store in klang
  2. Chicken Waruwel -Seetharam Banana leaf  bangsar
  3. Roti kosong - Restaurant IV Pandamaran and Nirwana's Bangsar
  4. Naan Garlic/butter/Kashmiri/whatever - Sagar's and Sarawana Bahwan
  5. Nasi Lemak - Nasi lemak Tangling and Nasi lemak tanah Merah
  6. Satay Celup- Capitol,Melacca
  7. Steak-Victoria station
  8. BBQ chicken wing-  any chinese hawkers
  9. char koey tiow- Sisters Char koey tiow, Penang
  10. Cheese lobster- End of the world, Penang
  11. Tau sar Pheah- Ghee Hin or Him Hiang, Penang
  12. Asam Laksa- Jonker 88, lil penang cafe
  13. Portugese ikan  bakar- follow the aroma
  14. Satay- nobody can get it wrong!
  15. Chicken Crispers- Chillis
  16. Ribs- Victoria station (sorry tony roma's)
  17. Panini- Rome
  18. Squid ink speggethi - Venice
  19. Crabs... black paper, marmite, salted egg - From Teluk Gong to Carrie Island
  20. Sweet n sour crab eaten with deep fried man tou - Todak Restaurant, JB
  21. Dim Sum - Pudu's Teochew
  22. Yong tofu- Ampang n puchong. bukit tinggi? a bit cold
  23. Roti Tissue - Kayu ( hands down)
  24. Tom yum - the gallery, Chiang Mai
  25. Phad Thai - Anywhere in Thailand
  26. Nasi Kaya- Kelantan Market
  27. Akok- Grandma's
  28. Fried chicken- KFC
  29. Pandan Chicken -Ampang Yong to fu
  30. Nasi Briyani - The Lorong near Petaling Street
  31. Nasi Lemak Ayam Rempah-Bangsar Utama
  32. Nasi Goreng Maryland -Murni SS2
  33. Chicken Rice- Serdang's Weng Heong n Bukit Bintang Hainanese Chicken rice
  34. Ayam Percik- Yati,Kota Bahru
  35. Nasi Kerabu daging Bakar - yati,Kota Bahru
  36. Gourmet Bakwa- Bee Cheng Hiang (hands down)
  37. Ayam Penyet- Ixora food court, Melacca
  38. Pizza - Street of Rome,Italy
  39. Italian food in Malaysia- Nero fico
  40. Chicken Brest - Chinos on the park, Klcc
  41. Rendang + Lemang - any malay house during raya
  42. Ling Chee Kang - Wong Sa, Kota Bahru
  43. Vegetarian Restaurant -Sarawana Bahwan
  44. Neslo - Amloo stall,Serdang
  45. Ayam Masak merah - wakaf bahru market
  46. Gulai ayam - wakaf bahru
  47. Nasi Padang - Hoover, wakaf bahru
  48. Instant Mee Goreng - Mee Sedap
  49. French fries- Mc D
  50. Chcolate Chip Cookies -Mark and Spencer

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