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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

have yourself a merry little christmas

Christmas is coming really really soon, and it suppose to be a really really exciting time of the year. Regardless what religion you belief in, in Malaysia at least, lots of people love this time of the year. The decorations at the malls are just simply awesome, with the music played is just awesome-lah, thus apart from the true meaning of Christmas about the sacrifice of Jesus,  we Malaysian make it our own lah, its time to gather around again with friends and family, and reflect back what we have accomplished throughout the year, as we usher in the new year.

The supposedly busy period with exam here in MMU-land, everyone is excited with this year's exam timetable. but for me personally there is a bitch that forbid me to throughly enjoy the wonderful time.

Thus the annual shopping for gifts, and the "last-minute-shopping-in-4malls-for-8hours-before eve dinner" is a no-no this year. honestly do not have any idea of what should i be getting.

From the busy time prep for exam, I make time for a friend's b'day last weekend. a chance to meet the others too.its a bit awkward i should, as its really been a while since I was in the scene with them.but its nice to gather again.

b'day girl, me,gurdip,ran,dena


There are also other guests from Auckland, like Annie,cicak,nigel and some from taylors and MCKL. really impress with some of them like Annie, who had migrated to Auckland since young, still remember that she is born in Malaysia, unlike some would be emberess just to be associated with their motherland.

While catching up with my friends, I overheard someone thanking the host

"thank you very much auntie for your generousity"

And she came over to our table, not knowing any of us, and goes like

"enjoy the chit chat and catch up guys, i gtg"

It's like woah! such courtesy,polite and well mannered person, shoe-new, than that taiping girl in nano class.

Its sunday, and that night, E-1-B is hosting a party for its very own china-man. Before that had an unexpected dinner with the"Kuantans" in an another episode of "The Kelatanese meet..."  I don't really get it why my parents, dad especially likes to call people over for dinner. A few weeks ago, they invited the Teo's and the Koh's over, until Auntie Angela came to me and said

"come back again next weekend ya? so your mom cook again"

Anyways, back to the "Kuantans" which consist of Janice as the main character, her bro and the girlfriend, LeAnn as in LeAnn Rimes according to how she introduce herself, although her voice sound more like Joanna Wang.

Now I have to admit I am picky with my food, I have met people that don't take chicken *cough cough Pei Se* and then I met people who don't eat seafood in LeAnn. And the similarities? Both gobble down vegetable.

signing off with this song by Chris Rae heard this when was at KLCC's tower record, and actually got the cd just for this song during one of those "last-minute-shopping-in-4malls-for-8hours-before eve dinner", hope those who is driving home for Christmas have a safe drive and a wonderful little Christmas. Merry Christmas!

P/s: still waiting for the fallen of the kuan Yin ma pics. damn she fall badly this year. lol!

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