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Thursday, November 12, 2009


Less than half a month, am turning 21, less than 2 months we moving in to 2010.another inch nearer for graduation, and lesser time in the cell call MMU.
The legend, (wait for it)- dary trip  that supposedly to end the year with style, apparently is not on. sad to say with a student budget, and the short time frame of planning and also with the airline price raising Rm 800 every month of the delay, certainly looks now doom. The ideal case of watching Man United playing at old trafford, especially during their in rich vein of form during the winter and spending time in Scotland's bon fire for new year, and roam around London after new year.  Sound rocking right? oh well, there would be on the list of "should have done".
Next year also mark an eventful milestone in my family.My one and only sister is getting married. She would be the first among us 3 siblings to get married. Although at first I do think its a wtf thing, and some MMU friends do think its too early for her and bombard with lots of critics, but the opposite happen when I told one of my high school friend, he goes like "oh  hey, thats a wonderful news, tell her I say congrats" . Its the first positive response that I've gotten apart from the oh-stupid-la,oh-why-marry-at-such-age-la from MMU-ians. It certainly does open my eyes, and when I pay a courtesy visit to my sister's bf house together with my parents a couple of weeks back.Its a humbling experience for me, and make me tell myself, that she is my sister, who else is gonna support her if I am not, regardless what others might think, what ever that she is happy with, am sure to have her back.

During dinner, my dad ask my brother to take care of the house and look after my sister as he is going away this week and only be back on saturday, and so does my mom who is going away to write some papers for the bank, inside my heart, I laugh... "am sure the house gonna have a party-lah".
In life I think the 2 important is skills and luck. no matter how smart you are, you always need that luck,to make thing successful.I think I am fortunate. I am fortunate enough to experience things that maybe some might have experience it, but there are lots haven't yet. I sometimes find I do find it amusing, how others find things amusing, no matter how classy they try to act, in the end it won't just look unnatural. But at this age where we still finding who we are, its kinda hard to understand why people act that way. Like some might think having english name would make them more glamorous, or they want to be 'different' and 'creative'. Too creative like naming themself after an expression i.e: happy lim or after a gas i.e Barium lim or adding an extra alphabet i.e Ccris lim.

Another reason why I say I am fortunate is because of my friends. Of course some friends do turn their back on you, sometimes can be a pain. I have all that so called friends, and now some might not be consider as friends, but the silver lining is, I do hope not to jinx this but, I fortunate enough to have friends that still keep in touch ever since primary. I do hope the reunion is a success. But apart from that, knowing that some like Hema, and Dharmik or D-man apparently they call him over in Melbourne would ask if I got anything on for my birthday so they could book a ticket in time for it. It could be true or just them sweet talking, it just nice to have friends that have you on their mind.

The unwritten  Bro code is not Bros before hoes, but we have to understand and not have the heart capacity the size of the or of a germ. For some probably not so happy when their friend have a significant others in their life. Let it be bf or gf, and the significant other take their time from their friend. But like I said earlier, I am fortunate to be able to experience this earlier while some still struggle to get the grip of this fact even when they are in their 20's. Having friend like Dharmik who have gf since form 2 till now, do help me to understand the situation that couple do need their time together, thus its all good in the hood.

The only down side its, my grades its not as on par as usual. I do let lots people down by that. Turning 21 soon, do makes me ponder who am I or what direction am I going to. No am not the first class student nor some president of the student body. Guess thats the biggest let down at the hood, as expectation from them before trying to talk me out from going to Malacca is not low.

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