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Monday, October 26, 2009

time and dime

Exclusiveness, special and all that good stuff, I think most people would crave for. Exclusive means we are different from the majority, and the different make us feel privilege and special . some might be in the car they drive, some might be in the clothes. but with so much of fake goods around, there is the lack of exclusiveness. Gone are the days where, when u pull on a Polo Ralph Lauren shirt, you will turn others head and make them go 'woah', this is due to there are lots of people making imitation stuff out there. with the open market, goods from Thailand and China easily claimed as "over stock" or "factory closing down stock", while the fact is, its an almost perfect imitation goods that will definitely fool the naked eye. other than the Polo T, LV's handbag too is one of the 'hot' item.

Japan is one of those nation that crave for LV. I once spoke to Chori about LV. a very good answer I got is, "I don buy it because I can't afford it"
That certainly make a lot of sense, I mean,just to bergaya you buy the fake thing? it just cant pull the look off-lah!

So unless its dvd, don buy fake stuff-lah.

During the holidays, i went to Aeon Bukit Tinggi near my place with my family. All of them came after they were out, me, came well... i was home so i have my shorts on those really ah-pek and yet comfortable shorts, well if u in klang, you do what klang ppl do.

Walking into the watch shop, yes in my shorts, yet the mofo salesman din even want to have a look, but cant really blame him, as appearance is important, am being realistic not shallow. altho I do wish i would someday walk in to the shop and actually purchased somethin. off he go to my dad who had his eye on the tag's

tag's carrera

tag's carrera with metal strap

tag's monaco

Tag-heaur do really have some nice watches, but I do feel there their product have been over-advertised, thus lost its exclusiveness (tho i won't mind having one). But Brietling have been one of those thing that i would love to have when I am successful. tho i won't mind having one now too with dec 4th is coming real soon.but the chances for a b'day gift is next to never, the aligator skin double clef strap alone can get a sony alfa.another good feature about brietling watches are they can be customize according to your taste, from the strap,the dial.the fine craft of a swiss craftsman certainly worth every penny if u have extra cash to splash.

Breitling's aerospace with aligator and double cleft strap

Breitling's navigator

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