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Saturday, October 24, 2009

S.O.B ( sem 1 brief)

budget was announce yesterday, apparently putrajaya and cyberjaya will get its own hypermarket. wat its gonna be? a giant?carefour? what ever it is, it sure beat the hell out of street mall. but with construction and etc.. i would expect all that will be done after my graduation, IF i graduate in time without any extension. talking bout graduation, good news for those who in 1st class, apparently loan will turn into a scholarship. haih... son of a bitch! no its a good thing really, just pissed with myself, that the chances of me waived off my loan is next to none. while the first class will get priority in job to get the big money AND no study loan to pay off, things look great.

with the result out next week, seriously would see my allowance will chopped into pieces when i do badly. seriously which i have a strong feeling i will. you see, parents are smart. when u small they will raised their voice and you would be scared. now, when they do that, they know u can raised your voice even higher, thus the only way to chain you is to cut the good green drugs. guess there will be a cut on my entertainment and food, the good food, the McD's and all that.

which some to the next issues, weight.i don remember being this round so far. something inside me says it the lack of vegitation, i mean i make simple sense that if you have input but no output?even u put put also the input will still be inside rite?

with the holiday over, and the result is hanging like a chopper that gonna take your head off...i think i really don do well this semester, the objective that been set out not 1 have been accomplished, thus i brand this semester is F, F for failure. Nanotech 09 would be great to be IN, sadly even fail to participate. son of a bitch right? I do really have 2 great team mate in Pei Se and Yee kean, I think I owe them in this project as they have my back all the time. so thank you. Just am disappointed with my self to not push myself a bit more and done the abstract. it will be a heck of experience and will be an impressive in the CV if you can brag that you gave a presentation in KLCC. finals, well... finals just another low for me.finger crossed, they say belief in God, belief in miracle. but my lack of faith and more to realistic thinking says am bound for supp papers yes with the S

went to langkawi for holidays.... and a brief few hours in penang.

this time not with the fellas, but with the uni friends. good thing is i did not go the same place.

and then went to Penang. took the ferry from butterworth and arrive in Pengkalan Raja Uda, does remind me of Raja Ezman. still waiting for the budget reply. and also bring back some old memories. my first trip alone was to Penang. and i always got a fondness to Penang. It does remind me of KL with the busy town and the mall, and at the same time you can go to the beach to escape, on the way back i was thinking " shit! i've forgotten hard rock!" same thing happen in manila too, son of a bitch! you see i am kinda of collecting hard rock T's from around the globe. with God's grace I have to add another 2 for my collection next week when dad and bro goin to Macau and Hong Kong, only IF our holiday is 3 weeks, it will be a different story, son of a bitch you MMU.

wonder what it would be if i take up Julian's offer to ride bike to Penang before.it probably one of those things that you would never know if u take a diff route...

holiday is over, its time to reset the biological clock, hope soon i can just be relax and not so up tight.hope to take thing one at a time.

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