If You Don't do it, You Don't Really Believe it. Some people spend their whole time searching for what's right, but they can't seem to find any time to practice it. Your life story is not written with a pen, but with your actions. To do nothing is the way to be nothing.

Friday, October 9, 2009

my day,today

Got back today from one of those, ' hi aunty/uncle how are you?' dinner, so i thought. in conjuction of the raya, so got a lil makan at the office, to my surprise there are staff from indonesia and also thailand came for training. as typical, i find it uneasy,although majority in the company are chinese, but we are celebrating raya for the muslim here, but u all still with your carlsberg? seriously.

but the highlight for me tonight is meeting one powerful lady,Julie. She asked me not to call her aunty, instead call her 'cher cher' or older sister in chinese. it is because she is just 27. a indonesian chinese but based in thailand and she is running the logistic for a public listed company, thats why i said she is a powerful lady. one quote from her is

" work is work,i expect u treat me like a man, so i can rough it out, and at home only i be a girl"

who says a married lady cant still have a carrier? guess thats the ideal case-lah... for me. i do admire these kind of lady,another was my aunty in singapore who is quite successful accountant. earn the big bucks and still did not forget the duty at home. other attribute is they are very humble, the way their talk somehow make you feel comfortable,without having to think they are some kinda of big shot. she did mention on the situation in padang where her office is the only one left standing. wish could be surrounded more by these people, so their positive attribute could brush on me.

This semester i think i really do badly, my worst nightmare is facing 3 supp papers although result is not out, i don really feel good bout it. uncertainty really started to cloud my mind. uncle Chan asked me when i am gonna graduate, his only advice is to enjoy what i am doin.although the dude is a cunning and sly, hey he is a millionaire by 30 years old. certainly some of his ingredient to be successful works!

back home after the dinner and karaoke session, who knows it cost rm 40 bux ++ per person. shit karaoke is expensive!am back home and catch wwe raw

yes i know there a lot people says "alah... fake lah... why u still watch?" it is more annoying when people say that while am watching and then they change the channel.but tonight nobody change my channel. but then again, don't the action movies, your james bond, your jackie chan show are all fake? well basically wrestling is labelled themself as sport entertainment. of course the drama all are acting, and the moves, they practice the proper technique not to hurt themself, but somehow belive or not, am sure there are bruises too after fights. but if its not your cup of tea, its ok, its my cup of tea, so i would appreciate if you don't put salt in my cup of tea.

the classic degeneration X is re-united. i remember watching wrestling since primary, every thursday 3-6pm.and its one of the few things that me and my late grandpa can share. with the language barrier and all the barriers, both of us do enjoy wrestling, even when i move to KL he still call if there are any special event like the royal rumble or what time is raw.


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