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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

just like pills..

addiction. there are lots of kind of addiction too, there are good kinda addiction or the bad one. most people get addicted because, they try found joy in these other things, for example, people get addicted to alcohol mayb as a source to forget something that might cause unhappiness in their life, or cigarrattes, just to make themself feel good. mainly, people get addicted just to escape from stuff. and as they keep on doin it, like smoking, they got caught and its hard to quit. tho its not impossible, but its hard.
today, there lots of "escape" route used by your everyday friends, or neighbours, or family like designer drugs, porn, alcohol, or the famous ciggrrte. most people, hide all of this, because its something that its not very proud of doin. but still people do it, cause it make them feel good, or just get caught in the addiction trap. they hide, so public would accept them without being sceptical, judgemental.

but den again, if they don open up, how would the younger or newly addicted people, would know a way to run away from the addiction? its important to open up i guess,because we could help others, and those who really care about us, can understand us better and help us on the road to recovery. because, those who don judge, instead of helping u, its u r true frens, or family, and u need to cherish them, coz u know u can count on them anytime.

so yes i was addicted to something before,years ago. it still hunt me today, with so called frens labeling, or just give that look.tho they just speculate, yes deep down i know i did it. struggle i gone thur, sadly alone. as i am not an open person with my trouble. i try each and every way, spy tourturing ways, God, sports. in the end i realize i don have to push myself too hard, i'll just grow out of it. but yes, those are hard time for me. i decide to kick that habit away, as i realize i need some blessing from above and i wont get it unless i kick it away. its a way for me to reach out, to God. i mean, i rather have a lifetime of success and blessing instead of a short lived man made excitement. as i always am ambituous person and wanting to achieve a lot in life, i wont let 1 wrong turn to ruin it for me. tho in the process i did lose a LOT, my time, my grades,my esteem,my confidence,my focus,my way to success, so called frens. but i guess life it a harsh teacher.
sometimes we feel like we like to

Run just as fast as I can

To the middle of nowhere

To the middle of my frustrated fears

And I swear you're just like a pill

Stead of makin' me better,

you keep makin' me ill

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