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Sunday, May 23, 2010

lets bring back the good old time.

What do you do when your primary school teacher add you on fb?!
So darling Michelle is going to the Shanghai World Expo next week, already missing her since the last time I saw her was at my sister's wedding.Growing up is awkward for her with those giant feet, and one big n one small eye, I still like her when she was small and cute, but then again, growing up, I still feel the same for her =D

After 4 years, finally there is a long long break from MMU. The night before I joined I leave for MMU I went out for probably the last time with my friends, back then I remember D-mac was asking if there is no other way? instead asking me to join him in Taylors. Me leaving is just like Harold without Kumar and vice versa. Am glad to catch up again, as now he is really happy with his career in E&Y, and listening about all the meetings and people he meet, as expected he is gonna be somebody.

4 years, I been missing in action. Timing are just not right when there is a gathering and birthday party, then at the same time I have MMU orientated things to do. Sucky as it sound I have to turn their invite down. Too many of "No" from me, am not surprise when the invite got lesser. Thus this 5 months I really hope to be able to catch up and make time for those friends that I missed out during my 4 years in MMU.

I hope my weekend will be like this often, meeting up with my friends that I have not meet as often as I would like. My poor time management forbid me to splitting my time from MMU and outside MMU.

I have noticed on how we have changed, the topic of conversation now more on economy, and work and future.Different when back then, our topic gonna be like girls and etc, and we have to go to some fancy place to eat etc.  " coz all I see are stilettos,definately not an MMU party". Right now, putting our partying ways in the past, a sip of good old "teh tarik" at Nirvana will do.

Looking back at those good old time, and looking forward to our future,hopefully the homeboy is returning to the hood more frequently.

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