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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

“I wanna watch Toy Story 3”

"You got a friend in me" that is how the song goes that epitome the Toy Story. To be frank I did not catch the movie on its debut, rather catch it on disney Channel, as I grow up, there aren't any cinema in our state-Kelantan.

As a child we grow up, toys are always our good friend when we are alone,especially when our mommy and daddy are at work or busy, toys are the one that accompany us. From the movie, I learn't how to appreciate my toys, although some part of their limbs are broken, I still play with them. They are my "woody" and "buzz". My toys will accompany me everywhere, even to bed. Each of my toys have their own significant memories to me. Some that I played with my brother and sister, some that I played with my friends. But the most significant is my toy car collection as the last time I played it when i was 6 with a friend of my from my kindergarten. I left to Singapore that night for holiday with my family, and that was the last time I play with my friend and car collection, as I got news of him passing away due to high fever.

Today, am all grown up, just like how the Toy Story 3 goes, am now in University. Although some of my toys are thrown away by my mom and some are missing as we shifted house, am glad that most of my toys still are around.

A toy always make a child happy, especially when they are sad. From the name of this character, am sure it will make lots of child happy and of there is always a child in everyone. And even when have grown up, we always need a care bear whenever we are down.

After watching toy story 1&2 in 3D, I hope to catch the third installation too. Thank you Nuffnang. *finger crossed*

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