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Monday, November 26, 2007

my proud home

many people have some misconseption that is impossible for me not to go clubbing. why? because of all those clubbing place are just at my backyard. and am from KL.

but dear misunderstood people. yes i have been brought up in KL. in the capitol, fast busy town and the whole 9 yard. but i only moved to KL when i was 10. though majority of my growing up and most important stage are mostly in Kl, i don forget my days in a small town call kuala krai. the town is way smaller than any other town, let it b Taiping or Banting or Bukit Katil, Semabok, Cheras, or anywhere. and there not much development here. yes there are the basic infrastructure like market, school and all that, but they don have hypermarket like Tesco, Giant or stuff like that, and even its the home for the ONLY zoo in Kelantan, but its not as famous as the famous Zoo in Malaysia like Zoo Taiping or Zoo Negara.

but the amazing thing bout this place is the people. a small town where everyone know each other. everyone is so friendly and you feel safe. i mean during the days i was there.my parents can afford to NOT lock the door without getting broken in. the bond is so close that everyone is like family. the main economy here is timber and palm oil. but one of the famous son of Kuala Krai is the fashion designer, Zang Toi who design clothes for Ivana Trump, Sharon Stone, Eva Longoria, Debra Messing, Patti Labelle, Farrah Fawcett, Angela Bassett, and Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas to name a few.

and the star describe it as... :

MOST Malaysians would probably have heard of a town called Kuala Krai though perhaps they would not be able to place its exact location on the map. They may not be able to tell you much about the place unless they have some connection with Kelantan.
For those who live there, and for those who have moved to far-flung places such as Canada, Australia, UK and Indonesia, to name a few, the creation of a website dedicated to Kuala Krai helps them keep in touch with what has happened there over the years, and what the members are currently up to.
Members from around the globe remember times past, and seem to have particularly fond memories of the scrumptious Malaysian, especially Kelantanese, cuisine.
The site is regularly updated with news and articles that are of interest. Just now there is a piece about Zang Toi, who originated from Kuala Krai.
But, even while the members communicate remotely, there are plans afoot to meet up visually!

there are also a website dedicated to the town www.kualakrai.com

even am far away or no matter where i MIGHT be, a return there is always special.as i it keep my feet on the groud, and remind me to always be proud of the place where am from. so am just a boy from a lil town like all of u.

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