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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

don... forget to remember me...

well, i gues this song is one of those song that have lots and lots of meaning behind it..well, its suitable for all of us who leave our house and further to studies. let it be from KL to melaka, or vise versa, or to overseas or from where ever u are. the day when u leave the house, is one of the heaviest feeling u have, as you will wonder when is the next time u gonna be home as anthing is possible to happen. here's some part of the song that might be intersting

Here's a map and here's a Bible

If you ever lose your way

the map is a symbol if we are lost in the real world, and the bible is for when we are lost in spiritual kind of way. as we are out on our own.. we can easily forget who we are and what we belive in as there lots of influences outside

And just like every Sunday I called momma up last night

And even when it's not,

I tell her everything's alright

does this sound familiar? phone called normally made as we are far away and we might miss our parents or vice versa. even if we have lots of probs... we normally don tell them as we don want them to get worried, as parents love their child no matter its the golden child or the black sheep of the family

And make sure you tell Daddy that I'm still his little girl

goin out and live on our own sometimes we feel we are already BIG. but in our parents eye, we are still their lil boy and girl, yes this might not sound as macho as some might hide their wannabe macho-ness, but that just dumb as everyone do need some sensitive spot too sometimes as everyone have FEELINGS.

and the most important thing of all... DON'T FORGET TO REMEMBER ME..........

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