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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

and the plan is..

for the next 2 weeks, this week and the next one, will b busy, with assignment datelines, 3 labs and 2 mid term.. so the pressure is on i guess.

with time wasting time like ptptn document verification is such a stumbling block, and lecture like mr.janggut, who speak his own version of english doesn't seem to help matters too. slacking in class and need to play catch up is NOT a part of this sem's plan.

a section of electronics 2 that i don't seem to understand have made me a bit paranoid sometimes.and been pushing my button.pressure is NOT good. i guess i'll try play catch up this weekend.frustration is in the air.........

a chance to be a part of the malaysia a1 pit team this weekend also will b missed.. a chance of a lifetime.. and a trip to genting for the magic workshop tomorrow too will b missed, since i have lab and ptptn form to pass up. yup... frustration is definately in the air.

moonsoon cup!! maya karin!! terengganu, dec 1st...

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