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Thursday, November 20, 2008

me and day dreaming

let it be being tired, a long day of class today, or am just having a bad hair day, but paying attention in class is quite a challenge today. its thursday, and the weekend is almost here. guess its taking a toll on me, thus my mind goes wondering and dreaming of things that i should not be thinking about

i googled for Vladivostok, or rather accidentally. so long ever since i've heard the name. the first time i heard it was when i was learning the world's history or the world's geography. you see, there is this train service called the "trans siberia railways" which connect asia and europe. imagine what an adventure it would have been, if flying from kl to harbin, in china and catch that train via the chinese eastern line. its like travelling in the silk road, cutting through the heart of central asia.it would be a heck of an backpacking adventure, when arrived in moscow from Vladivostok. maybe travelling this way probably not ideal for some, as they would prefer to go to a place that is more vibrant like lam kwai fong, in hong kong, or paris, london or milan or rome, or which ever. guess everyone have their own cup of tea certainly would be delighted if i could have a dslr and go on some back packing trip like that, with some great company, and of course some vodka in russia. but then again, i guess not many would like it, plus with the student budget, its kinda tight to fund such trip.

thinking of graduation in june, and goin for the road trip after that, and spend 3 months in USA with Work & Travel (WAT) USA summer that was posted in the bulletin a few day ago.. ahh.. i got it all planned and sorted- in my dreams lah..

while dr.lee was giving his lecture about diamond, my mind was wondering if we could ever make cultivated diamonds, like how they make the synthic pearls. thus i tought, hey why not that be some business proposal and then i could join the HSBC young entrepenuership competition, when actually i should be listening to dr.lee explainion of how diamond structure etc...

day dreaming of a roadtrip, or entering the HSBC competition in class certainly make me have a lot to catch up upon.. plus makes me feel that there are lots more to gain. so its not the right time to get tied down yet :p... its gonna b a memorable weekend this one, i hope everything just goes smoothly if its not great. off to kickboxing! the first class of the new sem.

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