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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

simon's weding

they say true love only comes once in a lifetime. and when u found the right person, faith will bring both of u togather to the alter.another memorable day for the family.november this year seems like very eventful, after sister's graduation ceremony, and now, my cousin got married last sunday.

things started on saturday, where i was planned to picked up my cousin who arrived by train. knowing them lil kids, i guess i wont mind waking up extra early as 5 a.m to pick them up. but i got sms from mom saying i don need to pick them up. thus i woke up late and have planned with my frens to meet them in kl. as soon as i stepped into the train, my dad called and have a changed of plan. asking me to get my cousin who is in university in KL and get back home after that. pissed i was as all my planned that been approved by my mom have to be altered. another reason to be pissesd is, knowing my cousin a university student, cant she be independent enough to take the train? fuming i was, i try keep on reminding myself that i am here for my cousin, and for his wedding, to help him and try make it flow well.suck everything up, and try to wear a smile, and i end up bringing the kids to watch madagascar. and makan kfc @ jusco near my place.

the big day finally arrive.. woke up at 4 am!

at 6 a.m....

the "sisters" getting ready with the bride

the car of choice

busy making things right..

according to the rule, only at 7.30 sharp that my cousin could get down from the car.so as we arrive at 7 a.m, we just wait in the car. i can see how nervous he wass, double checking everything, asking me if i got the ring, the "ang pau". being the best man, its my first time, and have no idea how it is like... 5 minutes before 7.30 we asked him if he is sure that he wants to get marry, if he want to change his mind, we can just drive off :p

finally the moment arrived!

the "brothers"- heng dai's arrival

sucking is my speciality

as he fail to answer the question by the "sisters"

and all the other "brother" have to support

cili padi with bread.. yummy

which of these are her lips?

that tought u a lesson huh? for not knowing

the last task was singing

something to "settle" the "sisters"

mission accomplish

in front of these innocent children.. sigh
even a wedding one is round..

time to call " mummy" and "daddy"

fast forward to the night..

grandmama and the bridgroom's elder brother

suddenly richard wear so smart tonight

probabaly 2 of the happiest ppl other than the married couple

me and richard with the hamster

the guy that intro them

1 big family


"yaaaaaaaammmm seng!"

what do u get when u add a thai girl and a nepal dude?


with a bling bling that kayne west would be proud of, worth more than 50 cent, rm 75k to be exact!

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