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Sunday, November 16, 2008

red letter day

last last sunday, 9th November is a proud day for the family. the day of the ceremony of my sister's graduation. although she have passed the exam for quite a while, but have to wait for the ceremony till then.

graduating in bachelor in business and accounting, its a morale booster for her. especially someone who is a low on confidence sometimes. but she did it, making everyone proud of her.

guess it sums the day when his wife says "its rare to see you smile that natural"

the ceremony was held @

nice place with a great garden.

the day started with everyone waking up extra early, and wearing a big smile on their faces.
i kinda miss those kinda moment.i mean normally, some might be away for business, some
might be away for socials, and me, i might be away for studies. so having everyone,and added
bonus that everyone joked and have a good laugh and time, is well, they say
a blessing.

mom picking up the flower i bought..

upon arriving... we have our personal cameraman- nigel :p

letting the proud mama having a "aww.. my lil have grown up" moment

the Gan's


one for the memory..

upon entering

the picture where i look round they say..

lady of the hour

for the first time i can be open or just joke around with my family. for example, like "hey.. look at that hot chic" to people like my mother or, telling my brother " loads of "fishes" around huh? " somehow i felt comfortable kidding and not bring so reserved. its like hanging out with my buddies.
after the graduation we went to pavillion as its the nearest place around before waiting for dinner. the dinner reservation was at 7 p.m. walking around pavillion in a suit, well, its kinda odd. so instead i just wore my long sleeve.people might mistaken me for the sales person, or some who just back from office. oh well, window shopping at those expensive shops where i can only look through the glass window, is just satisfying. i mean, looking at the day have been, what else i could ask for? happiness does overweight all those material stuff, even if those watches make tag-heaur look just cheap.
dinner was at saisaki, also a stone throw away from pavillion. was joined by richard and kah lai, and also my uncle. richard like usual, talk to his friends in the kitchen, as he used to worked in shogun in 1u. too bad no discount.but then again, am not the one who is paying anyways :p
thinking bout it again, its almost the same food everytime. they do need to make some major changes, seriously! that capped a landmark day in the family year.certainly a memorable one.
with good things, also come the bad one too.. well, thats the circle of life. listen to the phone call this evening where there is a death in a distant relative, sure is a blow.. also learning that the uncle in singapore is going to have a heart surgery, does leave some worrying question mark on what could happen?
but rolling on the wave of good news, that my cousin is getting hitched on this coming weekend

this was during my holiday where i went for the food tasting. its the first time that i actually have some role to play for a wedding. as you see, there are not much of cousins at an adult age in my mom's side of the family. thus we are kinda closly knit. last year was his sister's wedding, and now his turn.

one of the song that we used to listen, when we play blackjack during chinese new year..
now its time for one of us, to move on, move on to another step of adulthood of having a family. congrats, lets hope things go smoothly for another busy but eventful weekend

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