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Thursday, October 30, 2008




end with...

the holiday ends with a bbq. for some, or most went to the national park. i end up in Xr 1005, the lecture room, sparing that sunday to attend a talk, on MUET's new format. for the first time, i kinda nervous for an english exam. and still nervous now, exam is next week. thus, here i am blogging hoping to get into "form" of writting. and crap something. plus one of the reason to come online is to check my mail, for e-mail from my frens, since they are kinda cheapskate with sms-es, guess its a good way to communicate and keep in touch with them. the magic of e-mail kinda working too, as a way for me to talk to my parents. i guess, its hard to talk to them, well the " heart to heart" talk. i kinda shy, or find it hard to confront them, and spill wats been bugging me. after all they are busy people.

the invite..

looking at the watch, well its the end of the year, guess its time to suit up.called up some of my frens to go out for the weekend,as i was looking for my earphone and also a shoe. too bad dad wanted to go kl during the weekday,thus i have to follow him down. so off me go to go shoe hunting by myself.



stop #5

well stop #1 is at low yat. and stop # 4 is at Klcc.

shoes shoes shoes shoes.. its really hard to get those black formal kinda shoes. i mean lots are those have long tip. it gonna look like a cowboy shoes or something. but, those normal ones, they are a bit too pricey. even after 50 % discount, it is still about rm 399.. guess thats pavillion for you.

feeling hungry, i walked down the food court, i saw the kuih, cost around rm1.23 , yes attractive number, but kuih like this, i could get it for 0.40 around my neighbourhood.sigh.. talking about inflation. to cut cost, i opted to go to klcc, and finally get my shoe there

glad to get my shneizer headhpone, well been wanting that for quite a while now,a new shoe, and well, that other thing, i don think anyone want to know :p

things to do when got nothing to do..
mei siem.. i don use cheat to win la k?

in the early hours around 2 a.m on a friday i got an sms " tmw satay kajang , rizal is back". thats what happen when i din't check my e-mail. but we make it on that sunday instead. me, rizal and ray drove all the way to kajang to meet amar there. its good to meet with them again, even when they suppose to be studying- study break.and we hit the bowling alley in is it kajang point?

yes, raja.. drool! drool! :p

it was deepavali monday. suddenly was like " hey lets go down to bangsar" . so when down to bangsar, instead of eating at the supposed planned " chawan" the old davies corner place, we say the huge billboard near the mosque of chillies. so decided to take a U turn to BSC ( bangsar shopping complex). eat/ talk /eat... and yes i got my montery chicken! and sad thing is, they have taken " high and mighty pie" out of the menu.

guess thats a wrap for my holiday. well, results is coming out soon.. so... yea...


Anonymous said...

U.. kinda shy???!

*made my eyeballs roll inside out


julian said...

depends on the crowd
*straight face*

meisiem said...

i dont know if can use cheat.but u did goggle it to get some tips on it right?so consider cheat :p anywayz,thx for the info about the 5k thingy on the scudstorm.i manage to get through it also.and i've got all the medals already in the skirmish part! mission accomplish for this hols

julian said...

that is just guidance ma, with guidance also u can fail if u don have the skills :P.. wah so keng! finish all d

Anonymous said...