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Friday, October 17, 2008

what time is it? sem break time!

"there is always a woman behind every man's success" thats the sayin that i think most heard of. but i would redefine it as " behind my success thats a team". a team, a team of frens. some might be a pain, some might b sweet, some might be annoying, some might be kind, but thats the good part of it, and that makes it colorful. like a delicious meal, have to consist of sweet,sour,bitter,salty. a lil bit of everything makes it taste great.

how to define success here, is well, i cant really say it by Cgpa, or how many SAPS point or Dean's list, i hope i don't jinx it but success of this semester can be measured by "happy-o-meter". having said that, its been a tough tough tough times during that 3-4 before this. lots of unfortunate event that happen, but am glad, that this team or group of frens see me through it, and i would like to take this chance to give a BIG thanks, everyone played their own unique role, and probably might not even noticed it. so thanks again for a good semester, and not to mention an eventful one too. hope everyone enjoy their holidays, either u guys going Endau rompin, the mission conquer north malaysia road trip, China, and even going back to hometown. I wish, each and everyone a safe trip, and have a wonderful time, and none of us should seat for Supp :P

Amar's suprise b'day

our langkawi trip

my childhood friends, ever since primary. they will give the sticks whenever i did something wrong,they never compliment beause we are all guys with whole bunch of self ego, but we always have each other's back. glad they kick off my new semester with a trip to Langkawi. our first trip togather. well, guess i wont be singing "bye bye" anymore guys? :P

Dena and gang. although am the odd one ( only chinese dude), its good to see all of u again.like how we sent raja off, or the pool party at vicki's place and how you guys take the trouble come over and visit me @ klang, sometimes just for dinner. all those good times during form 4-5, tution class, Post- SPM time. all good times.


uni friends. the one i spend most of my time with. a few changes this sem. like how Kok Jin shift into our place, Pei Se is coming out of her shell lilttle by little.thanks koK Jin and Kean for driving everyone around, JJ for working your butt off for the assignment, Kim for driving me back home, as for the rest, its not that your contribution is not being appreciated, well, you guys always for example like Pei Se and Mei Siem, and also kean and Kok Jin helped me out with my studies ever since i met you guys.lots of nice and memorable time like the Spca trip, the makan trip, movies and the mid-autumn festival to name a few

steamboat @ sunway

me, kim,eric's kisses, Mr. stupid fuck(tm)



ever since i've joined MMu, i got less time with other school fren. being able to re-connect with them is a also another highlight. of this sem
this sem also see some new face, new friends. for example Mr. Lau " stupid fuck" (tm) Tze Ing, the peopple from Kick Boxing, like sa phor... ok la i be nice, like Karen. also Wong Bak Heng, chris. although we hang out since orientation, but somehow quite a while don't really seat down and talk to u. and am glad this semester i could do that. and not forgetting people from voices

vicki leong @ klang

'see you suckers!'

when new faces appear, the old one leave... but always remain in the heart. see off raja to UK to do Medics, and for Vicki, well she have been gone for quite a while already to New Zealand. though often speak to her on skype, somehow feel that she never left. hope raja and ashley take care of themself in the UK.

luk,farai, me

me, tayana

they say i look the happiest here (even a sketch is out)

new eventful event of the sem is meeting new acquaintace like luk,farai, tayana, toshi, and the rest. although those who studies overseas, got used to meeting foreign faces, but its rare for me. though there are some language and communication barrier, i know everyone will remember those good times that we had in Manila. and i am fortunate enough to be able to be a part of an event at an international stage- 2nd biggest debate competition in the world behind world's.

and i said to myself ' what a wonderful world'

they say "expect the unexpected" , i wasn't expecting to go overseas this year, and never dream of myself to be in the Philipines, i mean normally people would want to go places like HK, Hawaii, New York, Australia, Europe, Japan no offence to the Philipines. but its a serious eye opener to me. its true that when u don't know the place unless you are really there. endless gratitute for the Man upstair to make everything possible.

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