If You Don't do it, You Don't Really Believe it. Some people spend their whole time searching for what's right, but they can't seem to find any time to practice it. Your life story is not written with a pen, but with your actions. To do nothing is the way to be nothing.

Friday, October 10, 2008

life and full of quotes

  • " tarikh aktif anda hampir tamat" - hotlink

its been a while since i got such sms from hotlink,because my credit consumption have hit a 2-3 years low for this month. normally credit would run out in a day, half a week, or mayb half a month. lots of sms i choose not to reply ( doesnt mean that i wont reply any sms from u guys), unless important ones, regardless the senders is cute as a peach! because...

  • "i want some time for myself...." - Mc dreamy

sometimes silent can do a lot of good. no its not the usual " emo/vent excessive blog post during exam period". time to gather your tought togather, to know what YOU actually want from yourself. or sometimes not so fan ( sibuk) from other things.

  • "you need to grow up and know what love actually mean" - a mother of a contestant from the show "moment of truth" after he confess he kept woman that he had sex with panties as a sort of trophy.

lately been a by stander, an onlooker for those of fallin in and out of relationship .well, if Anuar can set the 16th Sept dateline, or now by year end dateline , i would also like to declare a dateline by 9th Nov 2008, that something WILL change for some. though Ms " goodbye my love" seems to be available from some unconfirmed intelligent report, but its more likely that Taksin to take over Liverpool rather than me goin for it.

  • "everyone have their own little project"- scolari on steve clark ending a 20 years relationship with Chelsea

don't we all love juicy gossip? well, a fren's housemate housemate recently is on a verge of jumping ship. but the manner that she do it seems well the average joe would see it as.. BITCHY! the normal routine of hers of eating or drinking soy sauce (kicap) infront of the webcam while talking to the bf (in other state) , talking for hours on the phone and annual exam period studying togather, as the dude come all the way from other state to accompany her is now all...........................GONE! with such excuse as "its raining over here, so its not a good time to come" SERIOUSLY.... if u want to dump him and spend more time with that other guy, just dump him and don't keep on lingering and keep him waiting, SERIOUSLY! - a result from watching grey.

but that is from our or mayb my POV. but to analysis to another level, maybe she just doin that because she thinks she deserve the best and probably the new guy is better... better looking, better wallet, better car? only she knows. honestly, we all have our own wants right? if i say some would just prioritze money in their life, well some ppl might take offense and get resolve to domestic and physical violence (that person must be some abused animal in the past life, thats why so violent in this life- kok jin's thoery) , then take example of our majoring, some take nano, some take pure E some take tele.

*** so who says u cant learn from TV? they are LYING! it just depends on how you would look at things... SERIOUSLY! example

"brest! brest!! brest!!! i am sick of brest, what about the thigh?!" well, that can be view in a sexual, womanly way or just your favourite KFC!

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